Competition Squads

Youth Climbing Squads:

The MCofS organises and supports scottish youth climbing teams as part of a programme of sports climbing development. The competition pathway starts with children competing in grass-roots regional competitions. Those children gaining good results in these competitions are selected to make up a Scottish Squad of 2 Regional Teams. These team members are offered performance coaching through MCofS Youth Academy's throughout the year after the regional competitions. Talented climbers in all age categories are then identified from these teams and are offered additional support, particularly if they wish to try for selection to the GB Junior Teams. There are now (2014) two GB Junior Teams (LEAD and BOULDER). These teams are managed jointly by BMC and MCofS through Team management Groups comprising mainly volunteers. Selection to one of these teams is achieved through performance at a Team Selection Event (for the lead team - BMC Open Youth event and for the bouldering team - the 3 rounds of the youth bouldering series). Once selected to a team children can be selected to attend International (IFSC) competitions.

There is also (launched in 2014) a MCofS Scottish Speed Team for junior climbers in the age groups of Junior, Youth A, Youth B and Youth C. The GB Team Management are able to register British competitors to IFSC Speed competitions, although there is no separate GB Speed Team at present. 

Scottish Youth Team and Scottish Youth Elite Team:

The Scottish Teams gain support from the MCofS through a series of coaching Academy's. The MCofS feels strongly that climbing outside on real rock is important, even for competition climbers, but also to offer an alternative to competition for those talented young climbers who may decide that competing is not for them. As a result we also include outdoor REALrock Academy's in Scotland and in Europe. These Academy's are organised and supported by MCofS, delivered by Robbie Phillips Coaching and sponsored by The Interactive Design Institute (idi). The Climbing Academies are held across Scotland (see the Kids Events Calendar page for full details of these events).



Scottish National Champions:

In addition to the Teams identified through the regional competitions, there are 3 annual MCofS National Youth Championships (Bouldering [SYBC] and Lead [SYCC] and Speed [SYSC]) which are open to all children. These competitions now give a means of identifying overall Scottish Champions in each discipline and these children can also be invited to the Elite Team Academy's if they are not already selected through the regional comps.


Adult Climbing Squads

There are no national Scottish competitions for adults at present so there is no means of identifying an adult Scottish Team. However,the BMC operate British Senior Teams in both Lead and Bouldering and Scottish climbers are eligible for selection to this.


For further information contact the Development Officer Kevin Howett