Skills Courses

The MCofS offers the following skills courses  


Mountain Safety Events: Enjoying Your Course

Our aim in organising mountain safety courses is to give you an enjoyable, quality learning experience, provided by appropriately qualified and selected staff. We want you to be inspired about the enjoyment and adventure which can be found in the mountain environment, encouraged to develop self-reliance in the mountains, and to value your membership of the MCofS. If you are not yet a member, we hope you will join us, support our work and reap the many benefits of membership.

We ask all course participants to accept that we are not in control of the weather or mountain environment, and that occasionally your course leader may need to alter plans for the day. Course leaders will do their best to ensure the course prospectus is covered, and that you have an enjoyable and memorable experience.

We ask that you:

  • Understand course requirements, by reading the joining instructions and ensuring that you bring all necessary clothing, equipment and food
  • Be forthcoming about your past experience and any medical conditions, if you are asked to provide this information
  • Listen carefully to your course leader and follow instructions given
  • Be proactive by asking questions the interaction with other course participants is an important part of the learning process
  • Respect other participants and your course leader by avoiding the use of inappropriate language or behaviour
  • Provide feedback about your experience following the course - we can improve what we do with your help
  • Encourage others to develop self-reliance in the mountains by recommending that they acquire necessary skills through similar courses
  • If you enjoyed and learned from the course, please encourage others to join the MCofS

The MCofS welcomes participation by members of all abilities.  Because our training courses are group activities, we recognise that special arrangements may be required because of individual fitness or ability levels.  If you feel that your own fitness or ability may affect the experience of others when participating in a group, please call Heather Morning (01479 861241) before making your booking to discuss.  Where appropriate, we may organise additional instructors to cater for individual needs.


Risk Assesments

We undertake risk assessments for our summer and winter courses and for our winter lecture series. Click here for details of the Risk Assessments.