Discounts for MCofS Members

The MCofS has discount agreements with retailers, accommodation providers and other service providers. Most of these businesses offer the same discount to individual members and members of MCofS clubs.

We recommend that you carry your MCofS membership card, or club membership card, at all times and show your card when asking for a discount.

Bear in mind that there may be limitations on the extent of the discounts provided. For example, most retailers will not offer discounts on books, magazines, maps and certain other items, so you are advised to confirm whether the item(s) you are purchasing will be discounted or not.

Use your card on a regular basis and over the course of a year it could save you more than the cost of your MCofS membership!

The Reciprocal Rights card is available to individual and club members.

New participants are joining our discount scheme all the time, so please keep checking these pages to see who is offering you a discount.



Other Services

Short Term Offers

Reciprocal Rights Card

Magazine Subscriptions

To get these discounts and the other benefits of MCofS membership, become a member or renew your membership today.