Board of Directors

Members of the Board are required to stand for election annually at the Annual General Meeting. With the exception of the Treasurer (5 years), each director may serve for a 4 year term of office.

The composition of the Board following the 2014 AGM is:


Brian Linington

Elected as President 2011

Term expires 2015


Board Chair; responsible for strategy


Donald Shiach

First elected 2014: Term expires 2018


Director - People Resources

Responsibilities: child protection; equality; health & safety

Robert McMurray

First elected 2011: Term expires 2016


Chairs the Finance Advisory Group

Other responsibility: Huts

Michael Anderson

First elected 2011: Term expires 2015


Director - Mountain Safety

Chairs the Mountain Safety Advisory Group, represents the MCofS on the Board of Mountain Training Scotland and Mountain Training UK

Mike Watson

First elected 2014: Term expires 2018

Co-Director - Landscape and Access

Paul Webster

First elected 2014: Term expires 2018

Director - Communications, IT and Member Services

Dave Gordon

First elected 2012: Term expires 2016

Co-Director - Landscape and Access



 Michelle Sweeney

First elected 2013: Term expires 2017

Director - Clubs


Advisory Groups


Advisory Groups are established to inform MCofS strategy development and contribute to operational plans in a specific area of activity. Members will be drawn from the MCofS membership and others with appropriate expertise. Details of Advisory Groups may be found here.


Volunteering Opportunities

Any member interested in volunteering to work with the MCofS is encouraged to check the Get Involved section of the MCofS website and the Volunteering Vacancies page.


Updated December 2014