First Aid kits

The information for this page was provided by First Aid Matters

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The First Aid kit that you carry on the hill should be capable of dealing with a variety of situations. Remember that in most incidents where first aid is required the need is for simple and relatively straight forward treatment. Remember to keep it simple and think about the First Aid Priorities (ABC) in every situation.

The items listed below should form the basis of your kit. You may wish to supplement this with additional materials.

  • Two Triangular Bandages - can be used for slings, dressings, bandages.
  • Two Wound dressings (medium and large) - for stopping bleeding.
  • Crepe Bandages - for holding on dressings (bleeding), support and/or immobilisation of fractures, strains and sprains.
  • A roll of general purpose medical tape.
  • A selection of Sticky Plasters - a long strip which can be cut to suit is good (NB some people are allergic to some makes).
  • Pain Killers. If you are at all unsure about administering pain killers - DONíT.
  • Sharp scissors - useful for trimming bandages and cutting away clothing.
  • A supply of various sized safety pins.
  • A few pairs of rubber or plastic gloves - must be used every time you deal with loss of body fluids. (NB some people have a Latex allergy. ASK first)

Remember that things like crepe bandages and triangular bandages can be used as wound dressings and as strapping for broken and injured limbs. Experience will guide you as to what you are likely to need and what is of most use to you. Don't carry anything that you don't know how to use. If everyone within a group carries a small first aid kit, these can be pooled together when the need arises.

The Health and Safety Executive has guidelines which advise on the size and contents for a first aid kit for the workplace dependant on staff numbers which should be adhered to. These kits are usually green boxes with a white/green cross and should be located in a prominent position.