The MCofS FUNdamentals of Climbing


UPDATED DATES v5 01.05.15

 PLEASE NOTE: Starting in 2015 all workshops have been updated and their contents re-arranged. we recommend participants study the Workshop Outlines. If there are items you need to cover the providers will do their best to accommodate you on the day.

REMEMBER: Student Club Workshops are offered at Discounted Price

NEW: Non-members booking a workshop will be given 1yrs FREE MCofS Individual Membership

FUNdamentals 1, 2 & 3:

MCofS FUNdamentals of Climbing 1


NB: Changes


28th March Transition Extreme Aberdeen
11th April Inverness Leisure
18th April CSE Uni of Edinburgh
16th May Speyside Community Centre Aberlour (NEW)
16th Oct EICA: Ratho
2nd November Glenmore Lodge
14th November Glasgow Climbing Centre
25th November Glenmore Lodge

MCofS FUNdamentals of Climbing 2



24th May CSE Uni of Edinburgh
29th May Inverness Leisure

7th June Transition Extreme Aberdeen
3rd November Glenmore Lodge
15th November Glasgow Climbing Centre
26th November Glenmore Lodge

MCofS FUNdamentals of Climbing 3



10th May Glasgow Climbing Centre
30th May Transition Extreme Aberdeen
4th November Glenmore Lodge
19th November Transition Extreme Aberdeen
26th November Glenmore Lodge

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MCofS FUNdas Workshop

A Series of FUNdamental WORKSHOPS in Scotland for Performance Climbing Coaches

The first stage of the Long Term Participant Development (LTPD) model for sports coaching concentrates on how to coach novice climbers’ basic skills. The UK Coaching Certificate (UKCC) identifies this as the FUNdamentals stage. It is the most important stage in developing sporting ability in any sport.

The MCofS FUNdamentals of Climbing workshops are a series of one-day workshops for those coaching climbing in Scotland. The Workshops are suitable for anyone working with children (or novice adults) including full-time coaches, CWA and SPA, MIA/MIC Award holders, Teachers, Youth Workers, Active School Coordinators, Climbing Wall staff, Voluntary Body staff, Duke of Edinburgh volunteers, Scouts’ & Guides’ volunteers, Parents and Club Members, etc.

  • The workshops are modules required as part of the training pathway for the new Climbing Coaching Awards which have just been launched this year.
  • See the Coach Award Scheme page
  • see the Mountain Training website
  • A team of MCofS trained and endorsed coaches will deliver FUNdamentals workshops around Scotland with 2 trainers per workshop.
  • The courses aim to help develop climbing coaches who know what to coach, but also build on the how to coach elements introduced through the Coaching Award Scheme. 
  • There will be further workshops being developed alongside the new Coaching Award Scheme as it develops.
  • The key themes within each FUNdamentals Workshop is how to make the session fun, how this can be achieved through appropriate planning and how to take account of the variable physical, emotional and social backgrounds of participants.


There are four Workshops:

Click on the link above to find out more about each workshop

Workshop Details:

  • Price: £80 MCofS Members (Individual or Club) / £95 non-members [ FREE MCofS INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP for 1yr]
  • Host Climbing Wall Staff £60; maximum number of 4/workshop. Larger numbers can be catered for by booking a private workshop.
  • Workshop places: minimum 8 to maximum 12.
  • Delivered by 2 trained and MCofS endorsed coaches.

What is included in the cost:

  • Entry fee to the host wall for the day.
  • The MCofS FUNdamentals of Climbing Coach Resource Packs.
  • 1 day coaching from qualified and experienced coaches.
  • Certificate of Attendance (required for the MT Coach Awards)

What is not included in the cost:

  • Your food and drinks for the day (these can be purchased at the Café of the Host Venue).
  • Suitable clothing: clothing that you are comfortable to climb in (contact the MCofS if you need advice).
  • Personal climbing equipment.
  • Rock shoes (not always necessary but recommended. Loose fitting shoes of any sort are not suitable. Rock shoes can be hired at the climbing wall).
  • Harness & belay devices are not usually necessary for the FUNdas 1 workshop, but may be for FUNdas 2.


  • The ‘Workshop Outline’ contains the details of eligibility to attend a workshop (click on the links above).
  • You should have some climbing experience but we will cater for those who are themselves novices to climbing, but who have personal experience of other sports, and teaching or coaching other sports, and have an interest in coaching climbing.
  • The minimum age to attend a Workshop is 14 years.

Private Workshops:

  • Individually tailored workshops for staff from organisations and companies.
  • £550 / workshop.
  • The maximum number of places on the course is 8.
  • Bookings and arrangements should be made directly to Kevin Howett at the MCofS.

NEW: University and College Mountaineering/Climbing Club Workshops:

  • These workshops are for Students who are members of University/College Clubs affiliated to the MCofS.
  • Bookings should be made by the Club Officials directly to Kevin Howett at the MCofS in the first instance (to arrange a date and venue and obtain application forms).
  • The Student Club Officials are responsible for gathering the completed Application Forms from those attending the workshop and sending to the MCofS at least 2 weeks prior to the workshop [NB: only those students registered with MCofS as members of the Club are eligible to attend].
  • The Student Club Officials are responsible for arrangeing a single payment of the workshop fee to the MCofS 1 week prior to the workshop.
  • Price: £350 / workshop [NB: only members from a single Student Club can attend that club's workshop].
  • Attendees will have to pay the normal entry fee to the host climbing wall on the day, and are responsible for ensuring they have all the necessary equipment (see above).
  • The maximum number of places on the course is 8.
  • These workshops are offered at discounted prices as support to Student Clubs.
  • Is your Club Affiliated? Contact Jane at MCofS
  • Your University may help your club administer and pay for this workshop?

Workshop Arrangements:

  • The Workshop is a 1 day (8 hour) course.
  • The workshop comprises both theoretical and practical elements:
    • Presentations: introducing LTPD, Key Climbing Principles at entry level and coaching pedagogy.
    • Practical: demonstrating the climbing key principles of movement (on vertical wall and slab); the way in which body position and body awareness impact upon climbing efficiency. The practical application of coaching theory to help children understand these climbing principles; techniques to design a coaching session, how to coach and how to give feedback.
    • Written resources: the MCofS Coaching Resource Pack.
  • There is no assessment process.
  • Course Registration: Please complete the application form from this page and send to MCofS with your fee.
    • Confirmation will follow with the Workshop Itinerary

For further information (and to book a Private Workshop) contact Kevin Howett, Development Officer
Email: Kevin
Tel: 01738 493 946