Mountain Training & Awards

Would you like to lead a walking group in summer conditions in non-mountainous hilly terrain, or supervise people on single pitch crags and climbing walls, or lead and manage a group in the mountains of the UK?

Alternatively would you like to undertake structured training which enables you to improve your own understanding of these situations, and by doing so improve your personal skills?

Mountain Training UK  (MTUK) is the co-ordinating body for all the mountain leader training schemes in the UK, overseeing the training and assessment of around six thousand leaders and instructors.

Home nation boards work in close partnership with governmental and mountaineering organisations to address national requirements, and Mountain Training Scotland oversees the administration of the awards in Scotland.

Through approved Course Providers, MTUK provides four ‘entry-level’ training and assessment courses and awards, which are recognised qualifications for leaders in the situations mentioned above.

These courses also provide superb training for those simply wishing to improve their personal skills through a structured course prospectus, possibly without the intention of leading groups or taking the assessment for the award, but using the training to improve their skills.

Training courses for these four awards could offer you the opportunity to start your own career in the outdoors, or improve your understanding of techniques used by leaders, and so enhance your personal skills:

The Walking Group Leader Award is designed for leaders of walking groups in summer conditions in non-mountainous hilly terrain, known variously as upland, moor, bog, hill, fell or down. Such areas would include the Ochils, Pentland Hills and Campsie Fells. These areas are often subject to harsh weather conditions, requiring an element of self-sufficiency and this scheme will help you develop the necessary skills and experience.

The Mountain Leader Award is designed to help responsible leaders who wish to operate in mountainous terrain in summer conditions, such as hill walking in the highlands or leading groups on Munros. ML courses develop your group management skills, the ability to navigate in all conditions, the ability to deal with mountain hazards (including steep ground) and increase your awareness of environmental issues.

* Please note the MCofS are running a summer mountain leader training course in September 2013.  Click here for all the details.

The Single Pitch Award enables holders to supervise people on single pitch crags and climbing walls. To gain this award you need more than just good personal climbing skills.

The Climbing Wall Award is aimed at those intending to supervise at the typical top roping and bouldering facility. The course focuses on party supervision, safety and coaching movement skills.

If you would like to discuss these awards, contact Mountain Training Scotland at 01479 861 248 or email george@mountain-training.org

You can visit their website where you can register for an award – registration is a requirement for undertaking the training courses, as is membership of the MCofS, or being registered with MCofS through one of its Club Members.