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Invitation to Participate in Student Research Project

Monday 22nd October 2012


Invitation to Participate in a Student Research Project

We have been contacted by Sean Donaghy, a geography student from the University of Glasgow, who is conducting a study for an Honours Geography Dissertation.

The dissertation will look at mountain bikers' and hill walkers' opinions on shared use of space and focusing on environmental damage. It will also take into account land manager’s views on current issues involving both parties and how they may overcome such issues.

The aims of Sean’s project are as follows. To:

• investigate the perceptions of mountain bikers and hill walkers regarding their use of hillside space and the social and physical impact on the environment.

• investigate the nature of the interaction/conflict between mountain bikers and hill walkers as hillside land users.

• establish the extent of any negative social or physical environmental impact caused by either of these activities.

• investigate the ideas and initiatives of land managers regarding hillside land use by both parties.

• establish the impact of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act, 2003, on use of hillside space.

• identify key issues for developing co-operation between both parties.

Sean's dissertation employs a range of research methods including face to face interviews, participant observation and questionnaires. Sean would be grateful if you would take part in his dissertation research project. This will involve you answering some questions taking no more that 5 minutes, on your view of whether you feel there are issues involving both parties in terms or shared space and environmental damage.

The link to the questionnaire is http://fluidsurveys.com/surveys/sean-donaghy/conflict-between-mountain-bikers-and-hill-walkers/


The questionnaire will remain anonymous unless you specifically choose to enter your name at the end, and any data taken from this will be used in his dissertation. All data will remain confidential as only Sean will be processing it and it will be destroyed after use. It will not be used again for any other purpose.

.Should you wish to contact Sean, you can do so at 0902223d@student.glasgow.ac.uk