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Allt Duine Wind Farm Public Inquiry - Update

Wednesday 31st October 2012


Allt Duine Wind Farm Public Inquiry

We are pleased to publish the evidence given by Ron Payne to the Public Inquiry during week commencing 22 October 2012:

"Allt Duine is a step too far. It threatens the very qualities of our most important landscapes that are valued so much not just by our members, but according to VisitScotland, by the majority of visitors to Scotland. If this Inquiry results in a decision which enables this proposal to proceed, it will inevitably lead to the degradation of our best and most important landscapes."

(Ron Payne, Witness Statement)

"The life cycle of a project must encompass the complete removal of all installed components and structural elements. The applicant’s [RWE npower]idea of decommissioning is merely dismantling and recover to scrap. It does not address the issue of the underground turbine bases and the roads/tracks. In fact the Environmental Statement kicks the issue into the long grass. There is no discussion on a decommissioning strategy. There is no environmental impact assessment either way. I believe this is in contravention of domestic law and EU directive. The applicant’s representative stated in reply to my cross examination that research into site restoration is being undertaken. This does not preclude the applicants producing a properly worked out demolition plan and an Environmental Impact Assessment. The very least a company committed to ‘green’ energy can do is leave the landscape fabric as it found it."

(Ron Payne, Evidence in Chief)

At the time of publication of these statements the inquiry is still in process. The Reporter's decision will not be known for some time and the proposal will then go to Scottish Ministers for a final decision.

Ron Payne is an elected member of the MCofS, and has worked as a volunteer on the Board since 2009. Prior to that time Ron was elected to the MCofS Executive in 2007. He spent a total of 5 days preparng for the inquiry and 5 days in attendance, including giving evidence and cross-examination.

Ron's Closing Statement will be added here on 9 November.

31 October 2012