Avalanche Forecasts

The sportscotland Avalanche Information Service (SAIS) publishes daily forecasts of the avalanche, snow, and climbing conditions at 5 climbing areas of Scotland during the season.

The links below take you to the SAIS website and the Avalanche Observers' blogs for the 5 climbing areas:

sportscotland Avalanche Information Service

Avalanche Observers' Blogs: 

Lochaber: http://saislochaber.blogspot.com/

Northern Cairngorms: http://saisncairngorms.blogspot.com/

Southern Cairngorms: http://saisscairngorms.blogspot.com/

Creag Meagaidh: http://saismeagaidh.blogspot.com/

Glencoe: http://saisglencoe.blogspot.com/ 


Avalanche Awareness & Training

This Safety Advice could stop an Avalanche!

Avalanches can happen wherever there is snow lying on ground at a sufficient angle. Accidents in recent years in most Scottish mountain areas as well as the English lakes, the Cheviots, the Pennines and Wales, demonstrate the truth of this in the UK context The vastly increased popularity of winter climbing and hill-walking, along with the growth of interest in ski touring and off-piste skiing, means that greater numbers are at hazard. Sadly, each year adds to the list of injuries or fatalities. Many of these accidents would have been avoidable, given greater care or knowledge, or if the victims had even paused to consider that avalanche hazard might be present. Click here for detailed Avalanche Safety Advice

The Avalex Avalanche Card

A useful, tough, aide-memoire designed to help you understand and assess potential avalanche conditions. Find out how to obtain yours here.