ParaClimb Scotland 2016 

Scotland's inclusive climbing competition

Venue: Edinburgh International Climbing Arena: Ratho
Saturday 3rd September 2016


The MCofS annual para climbing competition in Scotland in September 2016 is being hosted at EICA Ratho and will be held alongside the ClimbScotland Scottish Youth Climbing Championships (lead and speed) for an exciting day of inclusive climbing.

The 2016 ParaClimb event is also part of the British Para Climbing Series (Round 1) organised by the BMC&MCofS and will see members of the GB Para Climbing Team attending and those hoping to gain a place in the team for next year's International (IFSC) paraclimbing series. 

Do you need Climbing or Competition Experience?

You don't have to be an experienced climber, or want to do the British Series, or be trying to get onto the GB Team to take part. You don't even have to have climbed before - you can simply come along to enjoy a great day of climbing on specially set routes and boulders. The setting means the climbs get harder the higher you get so whatever standard you climb at, you should have a good day. There will be members of the current British Para Climbing Team attending and with the atmosphere being pretty laid-back you can chat to them and get inspiration. You can get a flavor of last years event from the video below..

ParaClimb 2014

See coverage on BBC Get Inspired website 

ParaClimb 2015

British Paraclimbing Series 2016

If you wish to enter any of the other rounds of the series please see the BMC website page

Round 1 (Sept): ParaClimb Scotland Ratho

Round 2 (8th Oct): Manchester

Round 3 (18th Oct): London

Round 4 (10th Dec): Newcastle



Members and non-members can book their place through the 'Members Portal'. Simply follow the instructions for booking an event.

We will send you email confirmation of your booking and will then ask you to indicate which category you will be competing in and the further details if you will be accompanied by a support worker.

If you have trouble call our Admin team on 
01738 493942

Please book On-Line at:


Members Portal

 A Quick Guide to the Scottish Paraclimbing Competition

  • All categories are operated as an Open Event available to all
  • The event is open to non-climbers as well as those more experienced 
  • There are no specific Age Categories but the minimum age for competing is 12 (in the year of the competition)

Climbing categories (NOTE CHANGES FOR 2016):

1. Using Upper and Lower Limbs (any number) (Neurological Physical Disability)

2. Lower Body Amputation / Limbless

3. Upper Body Amputation / Limbless

4. Visual Disability

5. Hearing Disability

6. People with Learning disabilities

7. Emotional & Behavioral Difficulties (EBD) &  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Condition

8. Autistic Spectrum Condition (ASC)

9. Mental Health support Needs

Competitors chose the category they compete in themselves and they should do this when booking. Help will be on hand on the day if they find themselves in the wrong category.

There are separate male and female categories. 

Entrants may provide their own climbing equipment (rock shoes, harness, chalk bag and helmet) but harnesses and helmets will be available free of charge for any competitors new to climbing.


Competition format:

  • The event comprises a single competition with no qualifying round
  • Registration starts at 10am, the competition starts at 11am
  • Competitors can watch each other climb
  • There will be 3 boulder problems on which competitors will have 3 attempts
  • There will be 3 routes on which competitors will have 1 attempt
  • All Boulder problems & Routes will be top-roped
  • Competitors will be given a score card for the routes in their category at Registration
  • Score cards must be handed to the designated Judges of each route / boulder problem, who will then sign off the score achieved
  • The highest (furthest) hold used or held will determine the points awarded
  • Scores for all routes and problems are totaled to give an overall score

Entry fee:

  • Prior registration is required by all entrants: £10
  • Registration is easily done on-line through this website (see the box on the bottom right)

Please note that competitors are responsible for bringing their own carer and support workers appropriate to the competitor's disability, to assist them to participate in the event. The MCofS is not responsible for providing support workers appropriate to each competitors disability, but the staff and volunteers involved in the competition will do their best to help and support competitors to compete the best they can.

If you need help to make your booking: 

  • If you have problems booking please contact our admin team in the office on 01738 493 942
  • For more information contact Kevin Howett (MCofS Sport Development Officer) on 01738 493 942 or email: kev@mcofs.org.uk