Scottish Youth Climbing Championship 2014

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Scotland’s National Championship Event for:
  • LEAD

Where: EICA: Ratho
When: 20th September 2014

This is an OPEN COMPETITION, open to anyone of eligible age, resident in Scotland, England, Wales, Ireland or Abroad.


The Scottish Youth Climbing Championship is Scotland’s National Competition for young climbers organised by the MCofS and includes both ‘Lead’ and ‘Speed’ Categories.

Lead Championship:

For 2014 it is for young climbers born between 1995 and 2006 inclusive within 6 age categories. Children of World Championship Age Groups (Junior, Youth A & Youth B) and Youth C, will ‘Lead’ their routes & younger age groups (Youth D & Youth E) will ‘Top-rope’ their routes. 

There are 6 age categories:

  1. Youth E (Top-rope); Born 2006 and 2005; (8-9yr)
  2. Youth D (Top-rope); Born 2004 and 2003; (10-11yr)
  3. Youth C (Lead); Born 2002 and 2001; (12-13yr)
  4. Youth B; (Lead); Born 2000 and 1999; (14-15yr)
  5. Youth A; (Lead); Born 1998 and 1997; (16-17yr)
  6. Junior (lead); Born 1996 and 1995; (18-19yr)

Speed Championship:

The older age categories will compete on the International Speed wall, whilst the younger age groups (Youth D & Youth E) will be timed on a smaller wall. This is open to the same age spread of children as the Lead/Top-rope competition, but split into 3 age categories as follows: 16-19yr old (Junior & Youth A), 12-15yr old (Youth B & Youth C), and 8-11yr old (Youth D & Youth E). This is your chance to have a go!

There are 3 Age Categories:

  1. Born between 2006 and 2003; (under 12yr)
  2. Born between 2002 and 1999; (12-15yr)
  3. Born between 1998 and 1995; (16-19yr)


Rough Guide to the Rules 2014

SYCC Full Rules 2014

 Schedule of Day 2014

Entry Fees:

Lead / Top Rope


Lead & Speed


MCofS Members (and BMC and MI Members)




Price for UK & Ireland National Governing Body (NGB) Members

MCofS Members (and BMC and MI Members) whose parents are on income support or family credit




Non Members (& residents outside the UK & Ireland)




Price includes membership of the MCofS at the special offer Youth rate of £10 (normal rate: £13.65) in order to cover you for civil liability insurance

Non Members whose parents are on income support or family credit




*NB To receive the reduced entry fee, parents must return evidence of receipt of income support or family credit with the application

Word Application Form available HERE (please email email to: admin@mcofs.org.uk)
pdf Application Form available HERE (please send by post)

Payment can be made by:
ALL competitors MUST return an Application Form (or Members make an on-line booking) and entry fee to the MCofS

  • Card over the phone Tel: 01738 493 942, or
  • Paypal at: finance@mcofs.org.uk, or
  • Cheque sent to the MCofS Office, or
  • MCofS Members can book and pay On-line at the Members Login HERE



You must send your application form to MCofS and pay using any of the above methods at least 1 week before the date of the competition. We cannot accept applications on the day.

Scottish Squad and YCS climbers please remember to send your applications to MCofS NOT Avril Gall