Mountain Weather Forecasts

The links below take you to specialist weather forecasts which will be useful in planning your activities on the hill.

MWIS - the Mountain Weather Information Service, forecasts for five Scottish mountain areas

During the winter months, MWIS aim to publish the forecast at around 13:30; there may be a further update the following morning, usually by 07:30, dependent upon conditions. You are advised to check that the date shown on the published forecast is correct for your requirements. Outside winter months MWIS aim to publish forecasts by 16:30; these may be updated the following morning and throughout the day, dependent upon conditions.

Met Office Mountain Areas Forecasts

You can also access pdf and internet-enabled mobile forecasts from the Met Office:

Other specialist weather forecasts

Below are listed several other sources of specialist weather forecast information which may help you with your planning.  Please note: Mountaineering Scotland does not endorse the content or integrity of these sites:

  • WEATHER2 - Hill and Mountain Forecasts for 30 UK areas, including 11 Scottish mountain areas