Scottish Mountain Weather Reports

MWIS forecasts are published for the following day at 16.30, with an update when conditions deem it to be appropriate the following morning at 07.30.

Special arrangements apply during winter months when MWIS publishes forecasts at 13:30 each day. This is done as an aid to safe decision making for hill walkers and climbers, allowing for earlier forward planning. On most days an amendment is made at around 07:30, but it should be noted that other amendments may well take place during the course of the day should changing conditions dictate.

Summary - Broadly dry most mountains, although occasional drizzly showers may come and go in north-west Scotland. Low cloud likely to plague many western hills, but mostly confined to higher areas inland and toward east. Wind speeds fairly light. Limited sunshine overall.
Northwest Highlands
A little drizzly rain. Low cloud, particularly west.
West Highlands
Rare drizzly rain. Low cloud west, confined to higher areas inland.
Cairngorms National Park, Monadhliath
Rare drizzle. Cloud mostly confined to high summits.
Southeastern Highlands
Rare drizzle. Cloud mostly confined to high summits.
Southern Uplands
Rare drizzle. Low cloud west, many hills clear Borders.
Outlook - During the first half of the week, low cloud will persistently shroud many western mountains, accompanied by an occasionally brisk west or northwesterly breeze, as a series of weak fronts drift around an area of high pressure lying southwest of Britain. Very little precipitation overall, but drizzly rain (occasionally snow higher Scottish summits) will come and go in the West Highlands. Locally still notable snow cover higher Scottish mountains, will thin only slowly. Later in the week, still chilly and generally wetter as area of low pressure moves gradually toward northern Scotland.
Forecasts provided by and copyright of mwis.org.uk
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